January 14, 2020

Advice from Past Tauri Baum Bride’s

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This was such a fun blog to put together! I polled my past Tauri Baum Bride’s and asked them their favorite advice they had for future brides.

I’ve been told multiple times this is helpful for future brides. So, what better way than to have a resource to look back on. In order to maintain their privacy, I won’t be sharing their names. I hope if you’re currently planning a wedding their wise words help you in some way!

Every 30 minutes stop for at least 15-30 seconds and take in that very moment. It’s hard to focus with everything going on that’s planned, and even worse when unplanned things happen! I was able to focus on so many things happening by doing this!

We are so glad that we blocked off time right after the ceremony for just the two of us to take a moment alone to catch our breath… and eat pizza!!! We barely got to touch our dinners so having that moment to eat a little something, take a pause and take it all in, just the two of us was one of our favorite moments.

We had our caterer pack us ‘to go’ boxes that we ate after the reception – it was nice to have a snack at the end of the night and to get to enjoy our delicious food that we had been so excited about! We also reeeeeeeeeeeally appreciated our schedule… it helped get rid of the jitters early in the day so that by the time we reached the ceremony, we could really focus on what was happening. We did first look / portraits before the ceremony, ceremony at 6:30pm, reception immediately following.

We decided that our head table would be just me and my husband, which I loved. Our wedding party was able to sit with their dates/people they knew, and my husband and I were able to sit and have a few moments to take it all in together. We did our toasts when we first arrived. Everyone was able to hear, and it was a great way to start the reception. Also, this sounds silly, but cut the cake early… your grandparents will leave way sooner before you think they will!

 In the midst of the stress of wedding planning, one of my clients asked me (after I vented about a particular situation) “Is it really that important?” I just looked at her and I was kind of startled and thought “um, yes, it’s my wedding! It course it’s important!!” She went on to remind me of the REASON for the wedding. Absolutely NOTHING matters about the wedding, as long as you get to marry your best friend. That’s for real the ONLY thing that matters. From then on that’s the attitude I had and I wasn’t stressed at all. I was chill as a cucumber on the wedding day and I loved every minute of it! So my advice to future brides would be to ENJOY the planning process, enjoy every minute of the wedding day (it goes by way too fast to waste time being stressed) and ultimately remember to be thankful that you get to marry the man who will be your forever best friend! 

HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER. Or have your friends and family help you with planning. I did neither of those and it was really stressful. Also dont make any decisions on your wedding day. (Especially if you planned everything) just sit back relax and enjoy your day. You don’t need added stress.

DIY is not always cheaper or easier – I opted to rent a lot of items for around the same price as purchasing new. However, I wasn’t left with trying to resell my items or being stuck storing them!

Best advice I received was “only you know how you have it pictured, if something doesn’t turn out or look the way it is supposed to, nobody else will know” I loved this and it kept me so relaxed the day of. Also, just enjoy the day because it literally flies by!

My advice is to always stay true to you and your fiancé/husband. Make your wedding day about the two of you and your love! If you love ice-cream (& not cake) serve ice-cream. If your dog is a part of your family (& it’s possible!) have them be a part of the wedding day. If you are an outdoor couple – have your ceremony in the woods. If you favorite season is winter, then have a winter wedding! These are all just examples and I could go on and on but go against the grain, do what you want, and have a wedding day that represents you, your fiancé, & your love! Yes, some traditions are great but I truly don’t think anything can beat a wedding day that is created with the vision of two becoming one.

I hope you enjoyed reading what past brides had to say about their wedding experience and hopefully, it helped you! My brides had such great advice that I couldn’t have said it better myself! 

As always, thank you so much for stopping by the TBP Blog! I adore providing helpful tips and tricks for your wedding planning. If you are interested in learning more about the Tauri Baum wedding experience – you can find out more by clicking here.


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