September 3, 2019

Our Trip to Bora Bora, French Polynesia | Part Two

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We had the opportunity to visit three BEAUTIFUL islands of the French Polynesia this past May for our anniversary trip and I’m excited to share part TWO of two with you today! The final island we visited was Bora Bora. If you missed part ONE of the islands of Tahiti & Moorea, you can see it HERE.

After Tahiti & Moorea, we headed to the island of Bora Bora, French Polynesia where we stayed 5 nights at the Conrad Bora Bora Nui. We took a 45 minute flight from Moorea to Bora Bora. Be sure to ask the flight attendant what side has the Bora Bora view (for us it was the left side). It’s absolutely STUNNING flying in to see the island because you get an arial view of the island. Have your camera ready!

A couple highlights from the island of Bora Bora were swimming with sharks, the amazing food, the outstanding views, and the picture perfect resort.

A Few More Tips: 

  • Bring a water bottle so you can save money by filling up at the fitness center (at least at the Conrad). They have a jug of water in there.
  • If you’re planning on drinking, I recommend buying alcohol in the LA Airport (at the duty free store) prior to boarding. It will save you so much money! Remember these are secluded islands – so everything is expensive!
  • Another way to save some money is to head to the main island of Bora Bora one day and stock up on water, snacks, pop, etc. At the convenience store, the Bora Bora bottled water was cheap!!
  • Your resort will not be connected to the main island so you will have to take a boat to get there. I am not sure if all resorts charge a fee, but ours did (so plan accordingly). It was cheaper to go during the day than at night.
  • French is their first language, however, the people who worked in the hospitality industry could speak English as well. Most menus were in French. 
  • Their currency is also different โ€“ CFP Franc. For the best exchange rate, be sure to exchange currency at the airport when you land. Most local shops, accept credit cards, however, they usually had a minimum purchase amount which came out to be around $10-15 USD. 
  • Watch out for stray dogs! Most are friendly, but we were warned not to touch them. 

Special thanks to Michelle, our travel agent, for everything! We couldnโ€™t of done it without her expertise! I highly recommend her for any of your travel needs, send her an email at to get started! P.S. She doesnโ€™t know I am saying this โ€“ just want to shout out the best travel agent ๐Ÿ˜‰

*These photos are a mix of iPhone and my big girl camera ๐Ÿ˜‰

We flew in from Moorea and landed on a outer island. We had to take a private boat to get to the resort.
This is the view right as you step off the plane!
Here is the private boat that took us to the Conrad.
Views of the gorgeous Conrad!
This stunning view is from the spa area at our resort!
A tasty Banana Colada at sunset!
On the left is our view of our breakfast spot every day! I am not a breakfast lover (never have been), but I have to rave about their French toast!! I craved it every morning!!
We went to the main island to shop!
We also had dinner & dessert on the main island one night too! The Bora Bora Yacht club was recommended!
A view of the main island!
We got to go to a private motu (a reef islet formed by broken coral and sand, surrounding an atoll) and have a home cooked meal. It was delicious! We also got to sun bathe, explore the island, and saw baby sharks! It was such a relaxing, peaceful, and breath-taking experience!
We went on a snorkeling excursion (highly recommend!) and swam with sharks…
… lots of colorful fish, barracudas, eels!
…and stingrays!
LOL! We could not smile with our masks ๐Ÿ˜‰
This shark got up close and personal!
This is Brian holding his breath while catching a ride on a lemon shark!
The most amazing experience ever! Highly recommend!! Our guides were phenomenal and never once made us feel uncomfortable!
The dock at the private Motu.
Of course I had to bring my nice camera and capture a few photos ๐Ÿ˜‰
A view of our resort!
All of the food was AMAZING! Highly recommend getting the white truffle pizza if you stay at the Conrad. SO GOOD!
Our view for 5 nights!
Another tip: Bring cheap floaties! They were perfect for sun bathing!
The last night we had dinner on our balcony while watching the sunset. Never forgetting these memories with my best friend!
ily, B!
We laid out in the hammock a couple nights and watched the stars! It was so peaceful and we even saw a shooting star!!
Waving goodbye as we head to the airport!
One last view of the stunning island!

 I hope you enjoyed this blog! We love sharing our adventures with our couples, just in case they are considering it for a honeymoon! Please let me know if you have specific questions about either of these islands. We know we loved all the advice, recommendations, and tips when we were planning our adventure so weโ€™d love to do the same for you!


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