Our Trip to the Grand Canyon – River Rafting Expedition


This past June we had the opportunity to go river rafting in the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River. It was a bucket list trip my father-in-law has always wanted to do and we were blessed to do it along side of him! And to be honest, it ended up being a bucket list trip for all of us too (we just did know it yet 😉 ) It was an absolute BLAST and I would highly recommend it to everyone!!

We started the trip at the Bar 10 Ranch, it was in the middle of no where. It had a gorgeous view of the magnificent Grand Canyon – in a beautifully secluded, remote area of the Western United States, 80 miles from civilization. We had no cell service the entire trip throughout the Grand Canyon and to be honest, it was quite peaceful!

At the ranch – we took a sunset tour through the canyon on ATV’s, rode horses, shot skeet, tossed horseshoes and slept in Wagons! It was definitely an “Old West” experience and one we will never forget!

After the ranch, we took a helicopter into the Canyon and were greeted by the Western River Expedition tour guides! We stayed on the river for two nights and three days. Highlights from the rafting adventure were sleeping under the stars, hiking into the canyon, seeing mountain goats, and hitting the rapids!! Every day we would pick a spot on the river to set up camp and we had amazing views at each spot (take a look below). After the rafting adventures concluded, we went to Las Vegas and ended the trip with dinner at the Stratosphere and a Lady Gaga concert!

Views from the airplane ride to the Bar 10 Ranch!
A great view of the Hoover Dam!
Horse back riding!
Getting ready for the sunset ATV tour!
LOVE! The Golden Hour at the canyon was AMAZING!
Sunset views!
On the left is the wagon Brian and I slept in! On the left is our raft!
Right off of the helicopter! I can’t get over the views – I really wish I could post videos in here!
Our Day One camp spot! Breath-taking!
This is where we hiked in the canyon! So much fun!
A waterfall we hiked to!
We got to see a mountain goat walk the cliffs and it was amazing to watch them make their way through the steep rocky terrain.
Camp spot number two and our cute fam!
A view from the Stratosphere in Vegas
Lady Gaga Concert!



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