October 11, 2019

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The sweetest + happiest couple I’ve ever met who happens to also be adorable high school sweethearts!! That high school sweetheart love gets me every single time! Two people meeting at a young age, growing up together, and still making their relationship work requires a strong commitment. Growing from high schoolers, through college, and then still […]

September 24, 2019

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Megan and Jeromy are extra special to me because I’ve known them for FOREVER! They’re high school sweethearts too and the crazy thing is we almost have the same dating anniversary!! Ours is May 8 and theirs is May 9!! AND as soon as they got engaged, Megan contacted me ASAP, even before they set […]

August 22, 2019

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Goodness, I instantly fell in love with Molly & Pat! Bragging on these two for a moment because they are next level INCREDIBLE. Marry your best friend has always been my motto and I truly believe Molly & Pat are checking that box off! Not only that, but they made me feel like their best […]

August 20, 2019

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I already thought they were cute enough because they work in the same field as Doctors of Chiropractic but what I didn’t know is how obsessed I’d quickly become of having them in front of my camera! I adore this sweet couple!! I hadn’t even met them yet, and Rebecca wrote on my Instagram that […]

August 15, 2019

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I did not know Tiffany and Chris prior to them booking me (they had seen my pictures online from a friend and loved them), and we had a FaceTime session for our meeting because they were not able to make it over to Grand Rapids. So, this engagement session was the first time meeting them […]