February 26, 2019

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Your first look is an amazing part of your wedding day and I want to be sure to educate you on how you can make it even more memorable! Before we get to the tips, for those who don’t know, a first look is a private moment between the bride and groom to see each […]

February 12, 2019

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With Valentine’s Day being this week, I thought this would be the perfect time to make this blog go live!! As I’m sure you all know by now, I absolutely love date nights and highly recommend spending quality time with your fiancé/spouse as much as possible (because let’s face it nothing beats getting dressed up and […]

February 5, 2019

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This post was SO much fun to create! Not only because I LOVED seeing how each of my couples displayed their engagement/wedding photos, but it was also a post created with the help of my favorite people (aka my Tauri Baum Bride & Grooms 😉 ) Think about it, you’ve spent a year planning your […]

January 22, 2019

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If you’re asking yourself, “How do I pick a wedding date that works for everyone and is still special to my fiance and I?” or “Where do we even start?” then this blog is for you! Choosing a wedding date is one of the most important planning decisions you’ll have to make as a couple […]

December 4, 2018

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Engagement season is upon us and I thought what better than to do a blog post to help all of the newly engaged (or soon to be engaged) couples! Let me start by saying CONGRATULATIONS to all of you who said, YES! Take a few days or even a couple weeks to just celebrate! This is […]